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Thread: the perfect house

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    the perfect house

    why care about terrorists or even having your privacy invaded when for the everyday low price of $3,950,000.00 you dont have to give a **** about anything. some of the special features include:

    a constant unheated temperature of 55 degrees.

    Wall thicknesses 2 feet to 14 feet.

    Built to withstand a 1 MEGATON blast within 3,000 feet and survive!

    Private water system with 700' well.

    3 Phase High-Voltage Power on site.

    tell me you wouldn't love to own it!
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    OMG....if gore sees this he's gonna want to buy it and start an indoor "farm" to fund his habits!

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    Looks like they've marked it up quite a bit...

    Is WAS listed for way less than that...

    Titan I Site

    Denver, CO. 210 total acres. Very rare - 1 of only 18 built. Massive 45,000 + sq. ft. of underground floor-space; high chain-link fence around central complex; 2 high capacity deep wells in power dome; 3 missile silos all interconnected by ½ miles of tunnels. Mountain views, just 20 minutes from metropolitan area and international airport. Large capacity elevator intact, to be reconditioned. Under new ownership, massive clean-up and refurbishment underway. Many unique possibilities for commercial or private usage. Serious and capable buyers only .

    Video $20
    Price: $1,450,000.00

    Look at some of the other places though... some of them go for under half a mil.
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