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Thread: Installing linux question.

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    Installing linux question.

    Ok i'm in the process of installing linux as we speak.
    Only problem is. How do I install it on the same drive as windows is on?
    Without a .exe file extention.
    How can that can that happen?
    Help with installing linux on windows please.
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    Partition the drive into 2 or more pieces, then install the windowws on one partition and after that is done install linux on the other partition...for some reason windows has to go first

    for more info check out this forum should have more than enough info for ya

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    Partition Magic

    If you already have Windows installed, I advise you to use Partition Magic to do 2 different partitions in your hard drive (one for linux and the other for SWAP memory). It's quite easy to use.
    Then I think when you restart your pc do it your Linux CD as boot disk and then the system will automatically choose the partition to install the OS.

    Good Luck!

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