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Thread: Writting a steal NETWORK installer

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    Writting a steal NETWORK installer

    Hello friends,

    I am working on a network administrative software, I've nearly completed it. What I want now is that I want to have an installer for my software that can install my software on various PCs connected to each other on a windows network automatically w/o user interection from one location. Some1 told me abt windows domain login folder scripting. What is it and how can I use it! Your help will be greatly appreciated.

    Zeeshan Alam
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    You can probably do it using either the Windows Installer API, or using a custom service.

    What I did on Gencontrol, was to write a C program which does the following:

    - Connect to the registry of remote machine
    - Create registry settings
    - Connect to C$ share
    - Copy files in
    - Connect to service control manager
    - Install and start services

    This can all be done remotely, fairly easily with the standard APIs (user needs admin rights)



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    I know there are some freeware and shareware options for program installation, I gave them up and purchased setup builder. It should handle all your needs. You can find info at:

    What I have done in your situation is create an install within an install. The first install installs the stuff you need to the server (including your second install) Then from a workstation you run your workstation install.

    Some of the freeware/shareware stuff out there is:

    Good luck

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    To Slarty:

    Can you provide with me the program? I am coding in VB but I can understand C and change it to VB. Also the install program shud run from one location and copy all content to the LAN pcs automatically. Somewhere in Windows there must be a feature to run a program on all PCs from the administrative computer like StartUp All Users. IS there so?

    To mmelby:

    I am using Inno Setup but it dont have the hidden installer feature does any one of the freeware have it?

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