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    USB port

    One of my friends told me that one can use an USB port, which stores around 128 mb. I think it would be very useful. I can be used as a large storage floppy. I don't know much .. Does it require any more accessories or cables etc. I would like 2 know... Can it be fitted on any cpu .. ?

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    I think your friend confused you a little - its not the usb port that stores 128mb (or whatever) its a usb device... see here for an example

    there are loads of places where you can get one of these things so have a look on google for your nearest or cheapest supplier.

    They can be fitted on any computer that has USB ports and are generally autodetected in WinXP/2000 but you may need drivers for Win9x


    Ps as you will see these things can store a lot more that 128mb- I forgetwhat the largest device available is - I think its 1 maybe 2GB
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    Any USB Memory Stick work like a hard drive under Windows 2000 and XP. Windows 98 is working also but need a driver that crap the fun on the stick. You can buy memory stick everywhere now, they are very common.
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