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Thread: What is and how to send NULL posts / requests

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    What is and how to send NULL posts / requests

    I need to test some Web Application on internal server at my work. the security tests that i'm requiered to do is to send NULL post / requests.

    How can i find information on this subject ? is there any tools that might help me ?


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    If you are talking about sending an HTML request with the post method you can just connect to the web server on port 80 with telnet or netcat (nc will echo) and simply time POST HTTP/1.0 <enter + enter>
    although, thats actually a bad post request without a URL but might give you some info on the server depending on its configuration.
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    You might also wanna check out achilles, its a small proxy server that acts as 'man-in-the-middle' and alows you to view/edit http post info ;
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