Ok...here's the deal. I'm slowly upgrading an old box for my kids so I can have mine back. It's a Celeron 366 on an abit BM6 m/b, 128 megs of RAM. I just updated the BIOS to accomodate large h/d's and tried to install a 7200 rpm 40 gig WD Caviar. I've set the CMOS to auto detect the drives but I can't get it to "see" the 40 gig at all, and I've tried every jumper configuration possible to get this puppy to bark. It can still find the old fujitsu 3.2 gig that was the master drive (I intended to keep it around as a slave for win98 to live on). The only thing I haven't tried yet is using an ATA100 ribbon cable (I've got one around here somewhere, just can't find it) although I can't see that as being the problem as the BM6 doesn't support ATA100 and the drive should be backwards compatable with UDMA 33 protocol that the board DOES support. Anyone have a second opinion on this one or have I finally been shipped a drive that is DOA??