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Thread: Looking for some help with research

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    Question Looking for some help with research

    Hey all i'm a computer student just about to complete my degree and im looking for some help locating some information about online security resources, internal/external security and outside threats when setting up a secure architecture for a company, I would reatly appreciate any help anyone can offer me either via here or email.
    Thanks a million

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    Can you please be more specific about what topics you are interested in learning about.
    With the detail you have provided so far...There are thousands of sites.
    This site is a good start.
    For starters...
    I like have good mailing lists to subscribe to.
    The videos archives at are very interesting.

    More details can net more info...


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    You need not go much farther than this site. On the main menu in the upper right hand corner, type your question and press enter. Probably every question a person could ask has been answered at this site. Next is obviously


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    Go to the RSA Laboratories web page because a business will require a secure file storage system, and RSA is almost unbreakable.

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    5,197 has about everything you might want..... Lots of reading.... dig in....
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