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    Hello Friends,

    My problem is tht I want to install a program a network monitoring software program to a no. of computers all running 98 and Xps what am I interested is that from one location i shud be able to run the program to all computers. I think there is some way to start a program on login to all computers connected my LAN. How can i do it?

    Zeeshan Alam
    Retina-X Studios

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    I'm a little confused as to what you're asking.

    You want to install remote desktop tools to control the rest of the computers on your lan?

    If so, you can use the remote desktop software that comes with XP for the XP boxes.
    Then you can use something like VNC to control the 98 boxes.

    What type of network monitoring software?

    Need a bit more specific information.
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    Why not use the buildin Performance Monitor?
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    Hello All Friends,

    Thanks for reading and writting: Actually I have a software : It comes with a installation program i have to either put it in the shared folder and goto each comp and run it or carry it with cds to other pcs and run it. What i want to do is that I want to run it from one location. That is one computer I either put it in the startup folder to install in all computers automaticall on windows startup or so...

    thnx for replyin
    zeeshan alam

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