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Thread: How to remove a tool bar from internet explorer

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    Go to the IE options dialogue, find "Advanced", and from memory there is an option called "Enable third party add-ons" or something similar. Turn it off, and restart all browser windows.

    All alien toolbars should be gone.


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    An idea for someone with time: Tutorial on HiJackthis as it comes up a lot and many people are afraid to use it. Just a thought.

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    HiJackThis is an executeable, run it and save the log. Easy enough, then go through the log line by line and check it against the attached HTML based help file.

    Anything that stands out, google by name and find out what it is. Check off those lines you want hiJackThis to remove from your startup and your browser. and your off.
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    For simple removal from IE, download winpatrol comes with IE Helpers. Simply removes browser helper objects with ease [but it won't completely uninstall it from your system].

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    Another thouhgt is to use Adaware by lavasoft and Spybot serarch and destroy Apply the updates and run both tools many toolbars are spyware/adware/malware supported

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    Spy Sweeper is a good utilities to kill adware... You may try to use it.

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