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Thread: trace.atf ???

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    trace.atf ???

    Hi guys. Found a file on my c:\ titled trace.atf. Google search turned up that it was part of win2k server cd, however, I've never had one and I run xp pro. second possibility was a photoshop file-but-photoshop not installed. date of file is 3/9/04. checked event viewer for that date and only program that I tried to install on that date was the new .NET Resource CD from ms. That install, by the way failed- I kept getting an "inpaging error" during setup. Anyway... unable to delete due to "used by some process" , even in safe mode. unable to determine which process is using that file in T.M. or Event viewer. File opened in notepad reveale that irt was trying to copy admin name and other info. Am at work now so I can't post the text. Will allow me to edit the text in the file and delete text, however, it just reappears again when I boot(the text). Anybody have any ideas?? Part of the .Net CD install file??
    Thanks in advance.

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    Hey Hey,

    It appears that trace.atf is created by a program called regtrace.exe. It is included with Exchange Server 2000, Commerce Server 2000, as well as other MS Software. I would suggest you search your drive and see if you have that program, then I would check the .Net Resource CD and see if the application exists on there. Next I would check msconfig, or the spybot S&D startup tool and see if regtrace.exe is running on startup... The most logical solution is that you have this file somewhere, c:\ is the default location for it to generate the file to and this would explain why it is regenerated everytime you reboot your computer.

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    Thanks for quick reply! Spybot S&D showed nothing, but I forgot to check the .NET cd! Also,
    I do remember seeing regtrace on c: Just didn't connect it mentally with the google search info. Will check cd to confirm and verify. Thanks, and peace back to you.


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