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Thread: Job Salary

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    Job Salary

    My sister told me about this guy at the modeling agency and she told me they had a meeting for the website and they needed somone to make a new one...more proffesional and user friendly i gave the guy a call and met with him and discussed everything i needed to know but this is still on my mind ya?...I am only 16 and i am very close on having a pro web development job and i have never worked for anybody before so i was wondering if anyone could give me and estimate or about what a normal price is and this is what he wants me to do...

    1. Set up the new website at his domain
    2. Manage the site afterwards and updating the models each week with new profiles and pictures etc...

    so thanks in advance for anyone giving me some info on the salary for this

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    heh it all depends upon what the client is looking for

    will it be plain html? or does he want any backend scripting (php etc). Is there databasing needs? will you have to develop the graphics?

    Will you have to develop complete site or just a template design where he can fill in the content?

    A template normally goes for $400 (for a custom template) of about 2 pages

    but if your developing the backend and graphics that figure should be increased. If he wants you to do the wholes site then some people charge the initial template fee plus per page charges. Or you can bill for development time.

    Its really all down to development time and complexity of project.

    But bear in mind this is your first job - dont go charging too much. Instead I would be inclined to do it as a loss leader. CHarge a lower price than normal and make sure you do a good job. You can then place it in your portfolio and get a good recemondation. As you dont charge much it should help bring in more clients so you can start raising prices.

    A model site I would be tempted to charge in your situation :::

    Index page (including graphics) $150
    Profile page template $50
    Filling contents for each profile $10 per page

    Any additional backend scripting I would charge for development time rather by what is done as a seamingly small piece of code can take ages to get just right

    that should make you enough for some extra cash but ensure you get praised highly bringing in more clients


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    Well lets say it like this....I'll be the webmaster, so he wants me to do the whole site and then update it regulary with new models and pictures, he would like to have a template made for him so he can just choose from a database and put the pictures in but i dont know how to do it, but anyhow i would have to add new models to the index anyways. And yes I'll be doing all my buttons deviders etc...he also expects the main page to be like boom some models fly in so i made something quick with flash just to see if that is what he wants and then at the end i think he wants me to also keep the site pretty much i'll be doing all of it and maybe even more because they edit a lot with photoshop so im pretty good with that too.

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    Since your very young, unexperience and this domain is very hard, I would do a discount on normal prices that you'll found on the Internet.

    Another way you can know the real prices is to ask quotation from other website designer compagnie! Good Luck
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    This site helped me out alot when I first started. How to Set a Price for Web Design Work.


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    it gave me a lot of info on it but not really a numberic will have flash and many pages and i have to do my own buttons etc...but i guess ill come up with somethig or i'll ask my boss how much he paid for the last guy and we'll go from there.

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    do you have a legit copy of flash?
    you can't even use the trial version as the user agreement states that it can not be used for development of comercial projects. If you dont or the guy your building it for hasn't you will need to purchase a copy which could greatly increase the price


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    Hey Hey,

    You have to aware of who you are dealing with. I had to settle for $250.00 CDN with a client. I wasn't very happy with it, but I'd rather have the contract than see someone else doing it. I took care of the domain registration and set-up and getting the hosting taken care of. We did a template and content for a half dozen pages, we setup and maintained their mail accounts, we also did a dozen or two custom graphics for the page. They basically got their website for pennies compared to what they should have paid for it, but it was the only way we got it. We also did free updates for a year.

    Mind you my attutide has changed a lot since then, I'm not so lenient anymore and it has caused a riff in my company (one of my customers is my partners mothers employeer and he thinks I should cut them a major deal). You should figure out if you want the job and how low you are willing to go. Tell him to make you an offer and see if he's being reasonable. Quote him a price and if he doesn't like it then tell him you'll do it on an hourly rate and quote him somewhere around $8-10 an hour. By the time you get all the work done, you'll most likely have exceeded any original quote you gave him, teach him a lesson and show him what it really costs.

    A friend of mine owns and operates a local modelling agency and I can tell you the sites aren't easy. To do anything half-decent you need a lot of backend scripting and a lot of time to figure out the programming. I'd really suggest you look at your own skills first and figure out if you are up to the task and then go from there.


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    I charge upwards of 3,000 dollars for some of my sites. So don't cut yourself short by any means. Of course these sites have complete backend scripting and database design, ssl secured credit card systems and basically complete custom graphics, on-line streaming video, complete backend scripting and a complete administration system. I make sites so that I can walk away from the project and never have to do an update for them again. (unless they want a new system added). All my websites are made so that any lay person can completely control their sites content on the fly thru proper databasing.

    If you can achieve all this, then definetly go for it.

    Oh, I also charge about $110/hour for flash design and $225/hour for flash actionscripting programming.

    Go get em.

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    Another idea... if this is a large site and the customer isn't keen on paying by the hour, do your work in phases. The first phase could be a paper outline of what they want on the site, the second could be a basic html/php shell for the site, and in the final phase, you fill in the graphics work and finalize your design.

    If you think your client might be wishy-washy about the design, it's best to get that outline approved by him first. If site structure will dictate design, be sure he doesn't have any unrealistic expectations as to what you can design, based on the structure he desires.

    Good luck!

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