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Thread: Open Source NFO Viewer

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    Talking Open Source NFO Viewer

    Anybody interested in a simple NFO/Diz viewer? The source is included and you are free to modify and redistribute.

    It's VERY simple, and is written in Delphi 6. No special components are needed to recompile it.


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    I always open my NFO file with notepad.
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    That's your choice.

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    Enlighten me as i am not a warez kinda guy and i have wondered for ages wtf does nfo and id_diz stand for? I get them with music occasionally and know what they are but not what they stand for. Shouldn't you have a very restrictive liscence and protection for your viewer , so then it can be cracked ?
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    "nfo" is an informaiton file. A "diz" file is a file identification. For more info about the scene, check out

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    More features are bieng added as I sit here.

    1. Editing features inculding an ASCII "Pallete" to edit your own art
    2. Editing Features (copy,paste,select all, find, etc...)
    3. Purty icons
    4. The ability to make the editor read-only so you will not edit your current files by accident
    5. A help file (but even a monkey can run it)
    6. URL/E-mail highlighting (Not all URL's exist since things change so often)

    I will post it ASAP... Syini666, cheesegoduk and Noia are testing it as I code it

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    Updated viewer now an editor. What are some of the features right now?

    1. A character map to edit your own NFO/DIZ files
    2. Purty icons leeched from KDE Look
    3. Editing features, cut, copy, paste, etc...
    4. A way to just make the viewer read only if you do not intend to edit files

    5. It's open source


    1. URL/FTP/Email highlighting
    2. Associating the editor to NFO/DIZ files
    3. Make the status bar reflect changes made to a file and line number
    4. Help file and propoganda...

    Anybody wanna help, feel free to do so.

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