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Thread: Anybody know about Brutus?

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    Anybody know about Brutus?

    tech tv was saying how great and useful this program was the other day so i checked it out, but i cant get it to work. my friend and i tried out http(form) on the message board on his website and it always just says that the user is "admin" and the password is "e". i tried to find some kind of tutorial for it on google but i only found 1 and it was not very good:

    Chapter Two: Let's Get Crackin'.

    Note: You can use a proxy for each cracking method.

    ==HTTP Form==

    This is the option you would use if you want to crack into a website that has a field for a username and a pass, like this one.

    I will use this site for the rest ov this section as well.

    First thing you wanna do is open Brutus, and select http form. Then click the modify sequence button. Once there we put the above link into the Target form field, then click Learn Form Settings. From here, you click the field name that is for the username, in this case it is userid, once you have selected it, click the username button that is shown above the cookie information. That tells brutus that that field is for the username. Then you select the password field and click the password button, then click accept. Next, in the HTML Response field you need to fill that in with the response you get when you try to enter a password into your site. In this case the response is "You have entered a wrong Password or username." For this target we will put that into the Primary response field Once this is done, we click ok, add the IP into the Target Field and start our crack.


    For cracking an FTP server, the default settings should remain how they are, I usually make sure that the "Try to stay connected for unlimited attempts" box is ticked.Thats up to you, once you have selected your options, enter the IP and being the crack.
    and so on for pop3, telnet, etc....
    the point is, how do i know what the html response is? our site says "incorrect username or password", but it has alot of other text around it as well... do we have to enter all of that too? anyway, i followed the first walkthrough exactly and it had a bunch of wierd errors and didnt work. anybody know how to use this program(or just brute force programs in general) and can explain it to me a little better i'd appreciate it.

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    Originally posted here by silver-bullets
    Illegal information? Besides there are better ways....

    LoL Illegal information? By whose laws?

    Personally... I find it kind of funny that it was on Tech TV.
    (I wish I could get this station... but no way I'm going to get the Dish just for that...)

    What we need now is a regulary scheduled program for 2600? Maybe they can feature a different city per show? Then start cycling through them. Maybe I can make my grandma a l337 h4x0r afterall?!,00.html

    As usual, hacking a website that is not yours is a crime and can get you in some trouble, but here's how to test out your site's security using Brutus.
    At least they put in a disclaimer...

    Turns out they do have some useful information on there...

    How to block the RIAA... hmm...,00.html
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    Hey Hey,

    To whomever greenied silver-bullets, WTF were you doing? He got what he deserved with the negs for that post and should not have greenies at all for something like that.

    His comments were complete bullshit. There's nothing illegal about the use of brutus and there have been several discussions about the software on here before. I've seen it mentioned numerous times. It is a very handy piece of software, one which I use for testing purposes from time to time. I'm glad that someone greenied Phonedog911 because it's a valid question and one which may provoke the beginnings of a great tutorial.

    That's my 2 cents, as for silver-bullets, stfu, hopefully someone will even out that flashing because you definately don't deserve it.


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    there's a huge readme file packaged in the zip i downloaded. plenty of documentation. did you get it here?

    erah, erah... i'm a dummy... ne'ermind, the readme wasn't that big after all...

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    Can someone please put Brutus up...none of their mirrors are working for me. Thats pretty interesting information. Thnx phonedog. Silver, chill will ya? Its better to keep quiet sometimes and just read what other's say before you jump the gun...Illegal information according to whom? you? What qualifications do you have to claim that as illegal information? ok then...back to the point: I'd like to check Brutus if it was possible to attach it to a post it would be great. I need to get TechTV too ...paying for my Cable internet I had to get only the basic service for the TV which doesnt include much...although I dont watch much TV anyways.

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    Yeah I remember on blackcode, brutus used to be up on their top downloads list. It used to be right up there along with sub7 . Silver-bullets, does the phrase remember 1984 ring a bell? Check out whats on my new sig.

    Also... serious guys. He flamed a guy for posting something rather skiddie-ish about a lame ass program and they both got greened for it. Big deal... But then when I do something its like "wow great". I get greened for the stupidest **** sometimes. Hell the only reason im in the position which im in on this site is becuase of rude or funny comments. And whats the really odd thing about all that is I don't even see myself as a funny or interesting person to begin with.

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    Brutus is dangerous daves dog.

    Its big and it slobbers. It chews the arm of his couch occasionally and it once shat in this training shoes.

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    Mark: Wrong..... Brutus was that Roman politician that stabbed Julius Caesar in the back..... Things haven't changed much in 2000 years......
    Don\'t SYN us.... We\'ll SYN you.....
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    Wasn`t Brutus also the guy who was always fighting with Popeye?

    as well as being a tool for password cracking...

    and one of the chaps who stabbed Caesar (beware the ides of March - which was monday)

    and Dangerous daves dog...
    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes

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    Cybr1d, I don't remember the link to Brutus, but here is the program:
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