Hello everyone.

I was just sitting here and thinking about the past and somehow the thought "Vinny's Tomb" came up. Does anyone remember this game? My God, this game was amazing. Man, thinking back on it I can't believe that I could run this state-of-the-art game on my old computer. heh, i joke. It was an old game, 2d (none of this fancy schmancy 3d stuff), GREAT voice overs and lovely music. The story is the real kicker. You're a clown named Vinny (you resemble a lego man) and you must solve puzzles to enter "the tomb." This involves tricking some snakes, putting some cool sunglasses on to avoid the glare of the sun, and tricking one of the most poorly drawn horses into letting you pass. This game was indeed a classic the moment it was thought of. The only problem that I'm having is that I can't find it It's been many-a formats and computer changes since first playing the game and I can't find it anywhere. The website seems to be long gone. Anyone know where to find it?

So that's my rant about Vinny's Tomb, if you remember this game then post about it. I want to know that I'm not the only one that played this lovely game

Have Fun,