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Thread: floppy formatting.

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    floppy formatting.

    Do u have any freeware software for formatting my floppy which is not working the tool should also increase its size.
    Nataraj . S . Asture

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    Disktest PRO 1.0 -- but I don't think it format's to 1.68 or 1.72meg

    Alkonost MaxFormat -- this one will format to 1.68 and 1.72

    GRDuw -- (for Me/98/95)- I've used this for a long time, the older version was better.

    that GRDuw.. did do it all.. fix and format.. if I can find the old version, I'll post a link or attach it.

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    wtf i never even knew the size could be increased, wtf cool for the question and info i guess

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    scriptkiddie... it's not really recommended to reformat disks to larger sizes.
    What they are really doing is decreasing tolerances/width of tracks in the process.

    If you had high quality disks and a good FD mastering setup, then it works.. but for the most part, when we do it on normal drives.. it will not last long before degrading to unreadable data after a few months. In the old distant past, people have drilled holes in 720k disks and reformatted to 1.44meg... but as far as I can see, it's only good for the short shot.

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    Hi Nataraj, welcome to AO

    You said:

    formatting my floppy which is not working the tool should also increase its size.
    What "is not working"? I take it you are talking about a 1.44Mb floppy disk?

    Have you got a corrupted floppy and want to recover onto the same disk?.I would certainly not recommend that! Recover onto your hard drive and copy onto a new floppy.

    Are you sure that you are not talking about a hard drive?

    Or is it an LS120, or Iomega Zip drive?

    I would like a bit more information on what is "not working" and what you are trying to do, as I am not sure that we have answered your question?


    EDIT: It would help us to help you if you told us what operating system (OS) you are running, and the basic specifications of your system

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    hey sumdumguy thanx!!!!!
    I too had the floopy problem. Thanx for the site.

    With Regards,

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