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Thread: multiple Hard drive ghosting

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    multiple Hard drive ghosting

    is there a way to ghost multiple hard drives at the same time? Say 8... I'm looking for the cheapest solution I can get. These are windows 98 and newer systems.
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    Norton Ghost is the industry standard for disk cloning. It's works well with Windows 95 as well as Windows 98, although there is not a Mac version. There are two versions, a personal edition and a Professional edition. The Professional version has a lot more features, works via a server/client setup and allows you to make several clones over a network simultaneously. The personal version is really only set up for peer-to-peer networking, and does not allow multiple, simultaneous creation of clones. The professional version is well worth the investment
    I found this on
    Here is a Norton white paper on disc cloning :
    Hope this helps ( by the way, this was a ver simple google search: )
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