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Thread: Online Computer Forensics Classes?

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    Talking Online Computer Forensics Classes?

    Are there any company's online that provide degrees/certification in computer forensics? Would they also have a online classroom? This is what I am looking for.


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    re: Computer Forensics

    Before the list begins of schools, seminars, training programs, etc...I thought I'd throw my .02 out.

    I think most would agree that there is no substitute for experience. Meaning, experience is the bridge between theory/hypothesis and praticality. I think this is doubly true for incident handling & computer forensics.

    Unfortunately, I think a lot of people look at books like 'Incident Handling and Comp Forensics' in their local Borders, see a list of steps/procedures/ or whatever and get tricked into believing that its that simple to do. It isn't. There are a variety of nuances that experience and practice serve to develop in an investigator.

    But this shouldn't be a discouragement for you. Just be careful in the training you choose- programs promising to make you an expert in two weeks are just full of it. It takes time and practice to take the training and turn into practical skills.

    Other than that, google give me this as the first hit when I search for 'online computer forensics training':

    Hope this steers you in the right direction.

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    There are some places that you can take some classes from, although I think those programs are so new that they still have some kinks to works out. Try these:

    Southwestern's program leads to an A.A.S. Degree after 2 years. I think Kennesaw's program is mostly seminars and certifications. Try to stay away from any of those "boot camp" places.
    Good Luck,

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    For good solid written material you might check out

    Computer Forensics: Incident Response Essentials
    by Warren G. Kruse, Jay G. Heiser

    It is a really good read for anyone considering the field, or just wants to build a good background of info.

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