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Thread: help school project

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    help school project

    I need some help with my school project. The teacher is making us do a project about security over the internet. Since this is a broad topic, I'm not sure what I should talk about. I need some suggestions please.


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    the importance of a firewall and keeping current on updates. all of the internet worms going around are because people dont patch their systems. you might include the importance of not opening email attachments just because it sounds cool or has your friends name as the sender when it might have been sent by a worm.
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    Privacy on the internet is also a good topic... it leads to identity theft, computer compromise, and all the wonderful things that come along with it.

    Ohh.. better yet, how about a paper on the usefulness of security-related sites such as this? You've got a great community of helpful people!


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    I think I'd have to second Tedob1's idea on this matter. Since most of the home users are using windows, they need to understand the importance of patches and a firewall. Don't forget those updates on an Antivirus either. I've ran into alot of people whom say they are running AV. But when I go to help them fix their puter, the AV is outdated by months.

    We could get into a very big report here, but those three are some of the biggest failures from the average home user.

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    You may also want to cover Malware, Adware, and e-mail spam, and how to avoid being a victim of it. You can find a lot of useful articles here in these forums to help you, kick back and start reading.

    About the best explanation I have been able to find on Malware is at

    Good luck on your project.
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    i agree i would write about the importance of a firewall and include a list of all the events in the event log of your firewall to give an idea on average how much stuff is being sent to a computer on a daily basis.

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    For a one-of-a-kind project you could simulate an attack on your system using some of the online security testing tools (sorry, names excape me at the moment). I'm sure someone could post a few. Document the attack and what vulnerabilities your computer has. Then update your software and re-run the attack. Document the second attack and draw a conclusion about the overall non-security of mainstream user software.
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    9 has a place where you can simulate an attack on your comp. to test out your firewall

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