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Thread: Guidance for Training and courses in India.

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    Arrow Guidance for Training and courses in India.

    Am studying Computer Engg. from India.We have in our curriculum a 6-Months training period.
    Though initially I was very excited as I could learn so much in this time but now my excitement has lead to confusion.

    Coluld u people guide me on to training courses that could help me in future,my intrests are in N/w and Security though I haven't ever gone for some formal courses, I have some knowledge of OS's and programing(VB).I have heard of people talking CCNA and Red hat linux administration but there's a lot and lot of confusion.

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    If you're interested in networking I can definitly recommend getting Cisco certified. Cisco also has training programs targetted at network security. You're best bet would be CCNA and move on from there.
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    Sirdice is correct, CCNA is the best bet. u also might want to read the A+ book to get some of your concepts clear, Also u can download router simulator from for CCNA.

    Good Luck.

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    Far be it from me to differ..... Cisco are the Borg! (You will be asimilated <sp?&gt....

    Do you have to take a course?

    Find a company that offers security consultancy and/or penetration testing etc. & offer your services - Make the tea (coffee) if required. You will never regret it.

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    Good Day,

    Experience is just as important as any certs. However, get them both! See if you can get on with a company as Steve.m as suggested and work on your certs at the same time. Heck, maybe they'd pay to send you to schools etc.

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    if u stick to ccna then it is good help to u. u can do CSPFA given by only some instituions in india i have done it details on network security .contact me if u have any problemz

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    Thanx everybody for giving me advices.
    One thing's clear from your advices that CCNA is the Exam to pass to be something in networking right??
    as suggested by dark hand I searched for CCSPFA India but didn't found anything encouraging.
    Could u suggest me some institutes in India for help??

    Have a great day :-)

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    xtremebuster the certificate name is Cisco Secure PIX Firewall Advanced (CSPFA) and not CCSPFA You have to pass CCNA first to do it.PM me if u want some information.

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    Hi ,

    Based on the above recommendations, what i would do in this situation is to actaully begin my world with CCNA as it is the base to enter this world.

    New Horizon(Metro cities), Sililcon Comnet (Metro cities), Int (delhi), Karox Technologies, NIIT CATS , are some of the best places you might want to try to get the right guidance for CCNA.

    Before you get into security, you might want to gain some experince in the field with hands on before the other certification.

    Based on my experiecne , i have found CCNA -> CCNP ( atleast Routing, Switching ) are core elements required to understand any aspect of networking techology, besides understanding of and OS like server NT/2000, SCO, BSD , Solaris or anything is gud enough for a long lasting career and understanding of the forthcoming technologies..

    Most of us have been into this field for more than a couple of years.. do let us know if you need anything else...


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