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Thread: PC Cooling? Use a fridge!

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    PC Cooling? Use a fridge!

    This idea is somehow brillant! The guy manage to run an Athon XP 1700+ with a CPU temp of -5 C, mainboard of 16 C and waterblock of -10 C!!
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    It is risky, I'm supprised he hasn't killed the compressor in the fridge yet! I wouldn't want to put my computer in a fridge, because once the compressor dies (they aren't 100% duty cycle, they rest most of the time unused unless to cool stuff down) and there is no more cooling, the heavy insulation would let my computer bake itself in a relatively short amount of time. But as long as his works, and looks as cool as it does, way to go

    Some people have some sort of cascading phase-change systems to cool their PC to -100f or so. Insane cooling, but my computer isn't fast enough to need anything like that, even though my motherboard is at it's limit...P3-800 @ 900MHz.

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    hmm I prefer my idea.. A prolient server case and a half HP Air con.. and serious ducting..

    Clean Cooooool air and lots of it... but I need a a method of convincing the power company to sell me power at a lower rate.. or sell advertising on the side of the case..

    maybe an interesting project.. I have half the hardware required.. but not the cheep electricity.. oh and need to convince she who must be obeyed that we realy need another operational computer.. every house needs a pc for EVERY occupant.. human and animal.. plus a terminal for each enterence..
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