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Thread: Size of File in C

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    Size of File in C

    Hi All,

    I recently created a program that replaces the contents of a file with different contents. One of my requirements was that the file was same size when I was done. Coding in C the file size is handled by the system. On google I found links to truncate a file but nothing telling me how to get the size.

    I tried size = sizeof (filepointer); where filepoint is of type FILE* and the file has been opened but that returns 8. I tried sizeof (pathtofile) but that returns the size of the path. What I ended up doing was the following:

    int FileSize(FILE *index)
    int size = 0;
    while (!feof(index)){
    size ++;
    }//close while
    return size;

    }//close FileSize

    I was wondering if there is a more eloquent way to achieve the same result. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. It should return size - 1 (I handle that later in the program).


    program built using vc++ from visual studio 6
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    Hi. If you can use C++, read my post in this thread:

    If you have to use C, replace seekg() with fseek() and tellg() with ftell() in the example in my post.

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