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    when ever i run adware 6 after the message in the picture. i can not seem to find any answer fo it

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    what kind of answer do you want?

    Adaware quarentined a file. its such a bad piece of maleware norton lists it as a virus. when adaware foucused the computers attention on the file to move it to quaentine nortons real time protection picked it up.

    the same thing happens when you run a manual scan with norton. as soon as the system moves the file you get a 'real time' pop-up alert. i dont know who's quarentine gets final custody but i imagine it would be norton's.

    to add to what SwordFish_13 said (i didn't notice the 'virus name:' ) many packers are listed as droppers and do not have to contain an actual "virus" to be flaged by norton
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    try disabling norton first then open ad-aware, open quarantine, delete everything in quarantine list, enable norton > full system scan

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    Tedob1 is right it is a malware

    But It is not A Quarantine object. Quarantine Objects are stored in Quarantine Folder. The cache folder is Used to Store Temperaorly during a scan it is Deleted after a scan. Now the Norton AutoProtect is interfearing with the live scan of AD-Aware because AD- Aware is Trying to access/open a malware to Quarantine which Nortons AutoProtect is detecting as a virus . I have the Same problem with TrojanRemover and AGV whenever i leave the Resident Shield of AVG running and scan with TR and if TR tries to access a triojan for scanning the AVG gives a Alert. If this problem occures every time Stop the AV Auto-protect Before Using the AD-Aware. And don't forget to enable after-wards otherwise your system will not be Automatecally Protected.

    --Good Luck--

    btw.. I deleted my abouve post it -- i thaught it was unnessaryly taking up spcae sorry about that

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    I would recommend running AdAware and SpyBot S&D in safe mode , so the AV doesn't boot. Some AV won't turn off in task is a defence against malware that tries to kill it? (haven't used Norton for a long time so I am not sure how it behaves)

    The discovery of malware when another utility tries to open it is quite common, I have encountered it with AVG, DrWeb and E-trust. It seems to be more with trojans and adware than actual viruses, AVs just don't seem to be as good with trojans

    As you use AdAware, I would recommend that you also get the AAWCloak software to protect it from stuff that tries to switch it off.

    Good luck

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    I experienced this problem also, but try to disabling the AV first before I continue scanning the adware in my PC... I'm using Sweeper.

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