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Thread: Browser hijack help (CoolWebSearch)

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    Browser hijack help (CoolWebSearch)

    Hey everyone,

    This is my first post. I'm hoping this great site might shed some light on this.

    I'm running windows xp with all the updates and patches, along with a linksys router and default xp firewall only. I managed to get the CoolWebsearch Malware on my box and can't seem to shake it.

    After reading previous suggestions from this site, I booted in safe mode, ran spybot and adaware and both programs deleted the corresponding CoolWebSearch entries.

    All seemed fine and I left my computer on. A few hours later upon return when I clicked IE6 CoolWebSearch was back. I did the scan again and entries were again found.

    An hour later the same thing. So I booted in safe mode, ran hijackthis, and deleted all the browser hijacks.

    Any ideas? Am I missing a step here? How does it keep coming back?

    Thanks for your help all.

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    CoolWebSearch is a new style program that spybot and adaware don't work well on. You need to get CWShredder, that is made for collwebsearch and its varients.
    Go to here for all the information you could want about this:
    And here is the download page for CWShredder:
    I believe that will take care ofnit for you. Please keep us advised.
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    Originally posted here by slarty
    Go to the IE options dialogue, find "Advanced", and from memory there is an option called "Enable third party add-ons" or something similar. Turn it off, and restart all browser windows.

    All alien toolbars should be gone.


    disable the 3rd party add-ons for a quick fix as stated by slarty.

    Ad-aware Cloack 1.0 ---

    Ad-aware Cloak will allow Ad-aware to open fully when there are items on the system which close Ad-aware when it attempts to start, such as some CoolWebSearch variants. To use Ad-aware Cloak, save it to your system, and run the program before opening Ad-aware. Once Ad-aware Cloak opens, click "Activate Cloak" and then open Ad-aware and scan as normal. When you are done using Ad-aware, close Ad-aware Cloak.

    well...while replying i glanced and it looks like moxnix already hooked you up.

    Run spybot and update it and stuff like this prolly won`t happen


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    I would recommend booting into safe mode before running your countermeasures, so you did the right thing there .

    Also, there is a little additional CWS proggy for particularly nasty forms of it......I don't have the link at present but will try to find it and edit this post shortly. It is somewhere on Merijn's site, but the guy has been under a lot of DoS attacks recently, so I am not sure where he is at the moment.............good trade reference though..............he must be rattling their cages

    There is a 30 day trial of "The Sweeper" from Moosoft............pretty have to run it from a NORMAL Windows boot.

    You might also like to try "Housecall" from TrendMicrosystems..............that is a pretty good online malware scanner.

    You might also like to get WinPatrol 6.5 from BillP Studios..........have a look at your Browser Helper Objects (BHOs, Internet Helpers)..........just kill them if you don't recognise them.....they will come back if needed

    Good luck

    EDIT: I cannot find a link at present, what you want is: miniremoval_coolwebsearch_smartkiller.exe

    If you have a problem, PM me and I will zip a copy for you

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    Dietzol, here's a little extended information on CoolWebSearch for future reference.
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    You've probably sorted this out by now but after you've done your cleaning you may want to enter the registry and check

    to make sure CoolWebSearch has been removed. Otherwise the OS may still try to run it on start up.
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    Thank you all for your quick responses and help. CWShredder did locate several variants and removed them. Previously I tried Housecall and it didn't locate the problem.

    Thanks again everyone. This was a lil nasty bugger that I hadn't experienced before.

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    Re: =)

    Originally posted here by Dietzol
    Thank you all for your quick responses and help. CWShredder did locate several variants and removed them. Previously I tried Housecall and it didn't locate the problem.

    Thanks again everyone. This was a lil nasty bugger that I hadn't experienced before.
    Also check in your Add/Remove programs. CoolWebSearch (some versions of it) allows you to uninstall it from add/remove programs.
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