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Thread: Help: proxy server has encountered an error

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    My computers ethernet freaks out when I use IE6 , it says: The proxy server has encountered an error (Host is unreachable.). In addition above that it says HTTP Proxy Error. But for some reason it rarely happens when I use Netscape. If anyone can please help me with this problem please respond.

    Thank You
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    You probobly have an option set in IE saying "use as a proxy server." Unceck the box that says use a proxy server. After that, save changes, reset your computer, and start using mozilla. Don't want to be an elitist about it, but sweet crap Mozilla is so beautiful. If I could, I would bear Mozilla's illigitimate children; regardless of the fact that they would be two stories tall each.
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    Thanks for responding, I just tried to do that but it did not work. My computer is not even programmed to use Host but it does anyway. Question? What is mozzila?
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    Mozilla is an altenative browser and a ver nice one too.Try using the latest version of opera even that is nice.
    Think ur problem might be because u had a proxy set somewhere if not ie settings

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    Thanks your help gizmofreak, I will probably download mozilla. And try again to make my computer stop using host
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    Just a couple of questions:

    1. What OS are you using?
    2. Is your IE up to date with all patches applied?
    3. What firewall are you running?


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    My OS is Windows XP and yes I do keep my IE up to date. I do not have my Firewall set at this moment and it really has no exact name. But I am using a Realtek modem.
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