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Thread: Slow Booting

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    Slow Booting

    hey guys why do i have to wait a long time for my xp to boot up? i dont know what it is. and i tryed configuring the bios but it never changed the long wait. can someone help?
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    Here are some thoughts off the top of my head:

    1) You are virus/trojan free? Run a scan.... I prefer the Panda Active Scan

    2) Go to BlackViper's site: and cut down on the uneccessary services you have running at startup.

    3) Use a list like the one at: and see what programs you don't need running @ startup. (Run->msconfig)

    Good luck!

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    The most likely cause is that you have a ton of stuff starting at bootup. As Meeeee said, get a list of what items are starting and whittle it down to just the essentials.
    Running spybot s&d and adaware is always a good idea.
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    no i dont have any viruses or spyware. its when i start up my computer like when it goes to the intel logo and stuff. then it goes to a black screen with a blinking dash at the top right corner then after then its disapears and i havta wait a long time then xp loads, im trying to get rid of that. how?
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    My guess, is that your system is checking the memory.

    Does it do it all the time, or just certain times?

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    I would run a memory test if I were you, I don't have any links, anyone got a good prog for this?

    Otherwise it may be a bootloader issue. I'm not really sure with this info. Try the memory test for a few hours just to check.
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