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Thread: Registry Phantoms

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    Question Registry Phantoms

    I'v been trying to clean up, re-maintain, and optimize my parents computer after about 3 years of it going through no-maintenance status.

    I'm just getting to the final climax of my endeavours and have run into a snag, and I know that if I can't get the answer from Antionline then I probably won't get the answer at all.

    I have some adware that is in the registry, I know the path and file names to them, but when I have attempted to locate them in the registry I can't find them.

    Here is what I'm looking for:

    HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Cydoor Services
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Cydoor Services

    The problem being is that they are there, I know they are there, Norton A/V knows they are there, but I can only find up to *******\Software\ - I can't find the 'Cydoor' part of the path.

    Please - all suggestions and advice are appreciated and at this point necessary.

    Thanx all.

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    open regedit, then press F3, type Cydoor into the find box and see if any entries come up. If they dont come up then they definaltly aint there!

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    Shouldn't a piece of software like Ad-aware or Spybot remove the keys for you without you having to grind through the registry? Maybe I'm wrong, but give it a try. Good luck!
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    Yes, removal tools like SpyBot S&D, AdAware or a number of other less popular spyware scanners will do the job much faster and with a greater degree of accuracy than manually scrubbing the registry. Not that manual removal wont work, but I'm sure that spending your time on more constructive projects would be preferred.

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    Perhaps a program like RegClean or JV16 PowerTools will find and remove these entries.

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    Maybe the files are programmed as hidden files.
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    Running both Ad-Aware and SpybotSD will take care of most any spyware problem you have, without the obvious risk of doing it manually.
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    I had spybot S & d, and it worked great but didn't catch everything that Reg Mechanic did.

    It cleaned up nice!

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    People have already given you very good advice. If you have some spare time you can give these links a read :

    [1] Advertising Spyware: CyDoor CD_Load.exe and CD_Clint.dll

    Norton A/V knows they are there
    [2] Norton Removal Instructions : Adware.Cydoor
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