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Thread: Quick IE Problem

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    Quick IE Problem

    Has anyone heard of a problem in Internet Explorer where the browser will freeze for about 5 minutes when tabbing between or using most form fields?

    I've been having this problem on my windows box for a while now. I'm using FireFox now so I can send this in a reasonable amount of time.

    It also happens sometimes when clicking links with form information embeded, as well as submit buttons.

    The theme of form fields would lead me to think spyware. Think, a prog spying on my form entries, but messing up in the process. I'm hoping this is something simple that's one of you all have heard of.

    I have run Norton AV and just about every spyware prog I can think of, uninstalled all the IE patches I can uninstall, then reinstalled them. I've already got the latest version of IE.

    I'd rather not drop IE, I'll just take that as automatically sugested

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    I've had similar problems a while back with IE, and I know it was not spyware as the computer had never been on the net (was testing CGI scripts on local IIS server). I've been using Mozilla 6 for a while now and have had no problems. Even though I realize you don't want to ditch IE, I'd recomend to continue using Mozilla.

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    I don't know if it is relevant but:

    1. What OS are you using?
    2. Have you got automatic form field filling enabled in IE?


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