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Thread: Something about Antipoints

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    Something about Antipoints


    When I login and view the Antionline HomePage, I See on the left column that ..

    You have no new AntiPoints since your last visit.

    But when go to the "Antipoint Center" under Member Functions, I see that ..Total AntiPoints

    Your AntiPoint Stats
    Total AntiPoints That You've Received: 10
    50% Positive 50% Negative

    Total AntiPoints That You've Given Out: 0
    50% Positive 50% Negative

    Last AntiPoints & Comments
    You have not yet received any AntiPoints.

    Last 10 AntiPoints That You Gave Out
    Thread Comment
    ICMP OS Detection Script cool -
    USB port thanx. yaar.. -
    USB port thanx yaar.. -

    Doubt 1:
    How is that I've Recieved 10 points and it is not shown in the front page ?
    And also that .. in "Last Antipoints and comments" , it is written "You have not yet received any AntiPoints"

    Doubt 2 :
    I've given out AntiPoints to some people, but in the "Anti Point Stats" , its written "Total AntiPoints That You've Given Out: 0"

    Why are they so ?

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    This has been discussed many times

    Doubt 1:
    they are default given to each new member

    Doubt 2
    You have to have at least 50 Pos AP's before the AP's you give out Count

    Read this Confused about AntiPoints? by moxnix the poor guy took time to write this for a purpose i think, might have thought he solved this problem of newb postiong this question over and over again....

    Use the Search Feature You could have found the Answers Easily It'ss the First one on the list

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    Sorry, And Thank u.

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