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Thread: Record Industry Sues 532 More U.S. File-Sharers

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    Record Industry Sues 532 More U.S. File-Sharers

    Here we go again........
    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The U.S. music industry on Tuesday forged ahead with its legal effort to stamp out online piracy by suing more than 500 people for online copyright infringement, including 89 individuals using college networks.
    Of course it is not quite as easy for them this time though.
    The RIAA identified song swappers by numerical Internet addresses only because it has been unable to sue suspected pirates by name since December, when an appeals court sided with Verizon Communications by ruling that ISPs did not have to respond to subpoenas filed as a prelude to lawsuits requesting names of users.

    As in the earlier rounds, the RIAA plans to discover swappers' names and locations through court-issued subpoenas.
    I guess they are trying to make their money, one way or the other.
    The RIAA has filed 1,977 lawsuits altogether since September, settling about 408 cases for about $3,000 each.
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    Well, they'll get to me eventually. They'll sue me. I'll ignore it. It'll be added on to the stack of judgements on my desk... Suing poor people just doesn't work too well. Course, they'll have a hell of a time tracing my IP. I'm not telling why...
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    ipconfig /release
    ipconfig /renew

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    There are certain utilities out there that help make you more "safe" on p2p networks...

    Just to name a couple.

    Everyone knows that its safer to use someone elses IP address anyway... thank god for proxies!

    Not that I need to hide myself... I still use the sneakernet. You can copy 60gigs in about 1.5 hrs if you just slave the drive on a different IDE channel. Let the underagers download... they can't get in as much trouble.
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