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Thread: Its free time again!!!

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    Its free time again!!!

    Certified Ethical Hacker Security Seminar
    Register today for this important security seminar!

    the seminar outline: Counter Hacking Ethical Hacker Seminar

    Seminar Details: April 27th, 2004 Madison Heights office

    6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

    Visit Certified Ethical Hacker for course dates or for a complete CEH course outline.

    Check it @---->

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    Wow. I can't wait to be ethical, LOL.

    I can't believe that people actually go for these things.
    Real security doesn't come with an installer.

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    So you mean all those years studying to be a "script-kiddie" i can now go to a conference and once i leave i'll leave with a certificate saying that i'm a "Ethical Hacker".
    Wow i'm gonna fly right on over and buy my some tickets for this conference, then i can go back and show of to all the other "skiddies" on Yahoo that i'm so 3li73 n0w....


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    This is what the site says about the seminar

    Computer Data is pleased to announce that we are offering free two-hour Ethical Hacking seminar. The seminar runs from 6:30-8:30pm. This Ethical Hacking seminar provides an overview of areas covered in the Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures courses offered by Mile2. This seminar will introduce attendees to hacking techniques and methods used to break into networks. Attendees will learn how the focus of security has changed in recent years and will see live or simulated demonstrations of attacks on computer systems. Seeing the ease with which these attacks are carried out will show the problems faced by information security personnel every day.

    Knowing how attacks are carried out is the first step to defending against them. Professional or ethical hackers provide an invaluable service to those defending networks worldwide. This seminar is not a sales event and is presented by an experienced security professional with years of network attack and defense experience. Attendees will LEARN about hacking and not just be shown frightening tools and attacks. For more information on this exciting and educational event, contact our Education Staff at (800) 755-0142.

    Seminar Topics

    Who are the Hackers?

    How do they work?
    Hacker’s Methodology

    The process
    Penetration Testing

    What is Penetration Testing – An Introduction
    Why do you need a Penetration Test
    Tools used in this process
    Types of Attacks

    Data Modification
    Identity Spoofing
    Password Based Attacks
    Denial of Service Attack
    Man in the Middle Attack
    Malicious Applets
    Email Hacking - Demonstration

    How it actually happens
    Security Objectives

    The CIA Triad
    Data Confidentiality
    Data Integrity
    Data Availability
    Security Guidelines
    Intrusion Analysis

    Response and Recovery
    Incident Preparation

    Risk Management
    Host Preparation
    Network Preparation
    Network Policies and Procedures
    A response toolkit
    The Incident Response Team
    Risk Management

    Asset Identification
    Threat Identification
    Vulnerability Analysis
    Risk Analysis
    Safeguard Selection
    Security Monitoring
    Why Do We Need Ethical Hackers?

    The problem
    Some Statistics
    Case Study: Putting it all together
    ****** Any man who knows all the answers most likely misunderstood the questions *****

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    Even an overview of above subjects in 2 hours.....It seems very though and really doubt if anyone could gain anything meaningful out of it....

    They may surely be tempted to join some of the other courses conducted by the company... So more of a Roadshow for Security trainings conducted by the company.
    ****** Any man who knows all the answers most likely misunderstood the questions *****

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    Looks like a 2hr advertisment to get people/companies to sign up for highly-priced weekend workshops. Is it cool to post ads here on the open message boards? I think not.

    There's 49 topics listed above. That's 2.4 minutes per topic. But, it's good to see they have satistics and can introduce who the hackers are (the first set of topics). Not even CERT knows that...


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    O.k. first off I've been to many of there free seminars and there held by security experts for the purpose educating people who are new to and plan on pursuing IT jobs. Which is what any school does to promote themselves.

    Second I put it in here in case anyone was interested thats what the training/Conference area was for. And if they call it ethical its better then just plain hacker or theif, cracker.


    Of, relating to, or dealing with ethics.
    Being in accordance with the accepted principles of right and wrong that govern the conduct of a profession. (yahoo's online dictionary)

    I guess I wont post them anymore. If people need to learn anything they'll just learn it here!!!

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    I did not mean to be rude in my post, I was just joking around. I would like to apologize if I offended with that.

    The point of my post was that many of these camps/seminars are somewhat fraudulent in their stated intents. They are either nothing more than advertisements for services or half-assed schools that won't help you gain the experience and skills that you really need/want.
    Real security doesn't come with an installer.

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    Hey pZargs don't do that for you are the only source of information for me about these seminars.

    - MRG
    Detroit, Michigan

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    It's no prob. Computerdata is highly repitable school in this area. I know what you mean on the fake school scams out there. This school teaches anything and everything on IT. They also offer certs. The only reason I put the seminars in here is becuase they are free. The hospital I work @ has an extensive network That cost millions and they send all Internetworking employees there.
    And again the reason why they are stating that its ethical: Is for the purpose of trying to change the image on how people look @ us.

    see ya...

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