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Thread: Just Your Opinion

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    I like the last menu, it looks good. Although the male female sub menu could use some type of divider or seperator.

    As SDK suggested, start using PHP to reuse code multiple times by the use of functions. Websites become so much easier this way.

    As for the screen resolution, well I always make sure I make my sites 800 x 600 compatible, simply because there are still people out there with them. With the use of CSS you can also just make the screen stretch to fill the width easily. (like AO does) or you can take the approach that I took on that bumshirts site, which is to just fix the width and program within it.

    Well, good luck.

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    I'd love to use php coding if i really knew any of it...I ammaking the site compatible for 1024 cause thats what most use, no? For the know i can always fix that in seconds if i had to but for now i will leave it.

    ...I just had an idea of making new images for the tables for the lower instead of how it goes 90 degrees down i could make new images and make the corners curve down, it would look like a window for each table on lower section also all in yellow.

    Oh and dont worry about the current pictures because i will have to use different anyways because my boss wants his models to be on the site and no one else

    But what about all that php, I dont know any of it and i dont know yet how i can benefit from it. But i sure could use some help on it if you say its lots better, maybe even use MySQL databases

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    You don't have to know PHP to use is best function : INCLUDE

    See the Link :

    Really helpfull!
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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