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Thread: Can I Edit my Display Name??

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    Can I Edit my Display Name??

    I've seen many usenames having Capital letters in between small letters.. 'n usernames where ther is space in between words.. I wanted to know wheater one can changed the display name , or at least, can we make some letters in our username in caps ??

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    ehm.. I don't think you can..
    but since your account is a "fresh" one..

    just create another one and ditch this one..

    that's the easy way..

    /me mumbles something about the vanity of certain users
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    Maybe if you bug Jupiter media, they will change your name for you
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    Actually, nope, we won't. I did this for a short time on another (several hundred-thousand user) board I used to admin. I was immediately swamped with requests, and decided it wasn't at all the best use of my resources. Is capitalization really that important?

    - h
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