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Thread: Bandwidth will not increase.......

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    Bandwidth will not increase.......

    Ok, just wondering if this is a problem on my end (I doubt it). My ISP said that they have upped my DSL speed to 1.5 kbps from 768 kbps but it has Not increased. I did a loop test with their so called "support" and they said the line met all of the requirements and they had put it through but it was not upgraded. They sent me to the billing dept. and blah blah blah, they put the order through again...still nothing. I reset my TCP/IP Stack, disconnected the router, updated the DSL Modem Firmware, and still nothing! They said 3 to 5's been like 3 weeks. Both the ISPs speed test and DSL Reports show the same speed...around 768 kbps. The same tests on 3 of my friends show just about 1.5 kbps....What is the deal? Any similar problems anyone?
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    sounds like its your ISP's problem.

    Get back on the phone with them and tell them if they don't get this worked out your switches providers.

    If your still testing at 768 then its not your problem really.

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    Ring 'em up and tell 'em that unless the problem does not get fixed, then you will take your business some were else.
    Or just tell them that you'll get in contact with consumer affairs, or threaten them with the Ombusman.
    (Not sure on the spelling)

    hope you find a solution to your problem mate

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