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Thread: Sh1t!!!!!!!!

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    I was just now looking in my profile...and I saw this little porno link under "most downloaded attached files" I NEVER ATTACHED THAT!!!! How do I fix this?????????? **** I dont remember doing anything like that...
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    You naughty, naughty boy.

    Try to PM Intmon?
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    Well, thats sure one way to get people to go view your profile.
    Seriously though, if you didn't attach it, I would definately go through all your posts and find where it was attached, and then contact an administrator.
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    Strikes me more as a bug. Perhaps you should check PMs sent to you since this is not found in searches of AO.
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    I guess you must be a real dedicated pervert, having downloaded it 46 times, then another 24

    Is Tanya that hot?

    I have noticed strange download counts in my profile, so I think that it is some sort of bug?


    EDIT: sorry, I see it is how many times something you have attached has been downloaded? but I am sure some of mine were not me?.............also, you have the same attachment but TWO counts for it?

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    Never attached ... ? you sure about that?

    See these:

    A file with the same name was attached twice. Each of the attachments received its own ID. Attachment counts are keyed on ID, not filename, so you see two listings for the same file.

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