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Thread: Trouble in sharing files

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    Question Trouble in sharing files

    Hello ,
    In our college we have a network in which few PC's have Windows 2000 installed and some have 98 now there is a problem in sharing files. The files shared on a win98 Pc can be accessed from any other pc while those on Win2k can be only accessed from a win2k pc and while accessing from win98 it asks for a password and even the administrator's password wont work there. Anyone has an idea what to do
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    By default, Windows NT4, 2K and XP use the NTFS file system.

    Windows 9X uses FAT 32 (I think that you can use FAT 16? as well)

    Win2K can read FAT 32 but Win 98 CANNOT read NTFS

    I think that might be your problem?



    Go to my computer on one of the Win2K boxes and right click on the drive with the shared files............then click on "properties" will tell you what file system is being used...........if it is FAT32 get back to us, as it is obviously a different problem.

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    What you need to go is create a user on the Windows 2000 machine with the same user name and password as the Windows 98 machine. This is the only way for windows 2000 to "trust" those win98 machines. This may take a lot of time to create each win98 user on each win2k machine but it works and it's the only way I know to do it. Good luck!
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    What's a college still doing with Win98 boxes anyway? Speaking of which, here where I work I stumbled upon an old machine with Win98, a 1gig HD, and 32meg RAM...It was quite amusing, talk about nostalgia! Anyway, I digress...But for giggles I hooked it up to the network just to see what would happen, and it wasn't even recognized by the Win2k machines, as expected. The others are right, that's gonna be the best you can do likely to get them to cooperate, but really what those in charge need to do is upgrade those 98 machines lest they serve a special purpose being what they are.

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    Algaen was right. That solved my problem . Thanks....
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