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Thread: Antionline Welcome Message

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    Antionline Welcome Message

    Hello All ,

    I'm a new member, I had to go to a big number of forums to find more about what AntiOnline is for and what not, and to know more about AntiPoints.
    Why couldn't there be a provision so that the newbies get Welcome Message from AntiOnline, and which should contain the essential Features of AntiOnline, and somethin' about AntiPoints, and their links ??

    What do u buddies think ??

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    RedScorpion Welcome to AO. I'm relatively new here too and have had to learn how these things work as well. However, I noticed that if you look on the front page there is a link for "site FAQ". I found most, if not all of my questions were answered quite nicely in there.

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    If you want to learn more about antipoints Moxnix created a thread that explains more about antipoints that is not covered in the A.O faq

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