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Thread: Qt / KDE / Gnome

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    Qt / KDE / Gnome

    Hi guys!
    Back with one more question :-)

    What is the difference between all these developments Qt / KDE / Gnome ?
    Whern I developed projects using wizards under Gnome everything worked well...
    Then what would be the difference between all these ?

    Will any application created for any of these managers work well with the others too ?


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    KDE is a desktop manager, like Gnome, so it is not a toolkit.

    Qt is the toolkit for creating KDE based applications. GTK and GTK2 are toolkits for creating Gnome based applications. However, KDE applications should be able to function perfectly in gnome so long as your system has the QT libraries installed (most do automagically), and likewise Gnome applications should also function perfectly in KDE so long as you have the GTK/GTK2 libraries installed (most do automagically)

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