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Thread: zone alarm

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    Feb 2004

    Question zone alarm

    When i went on zone alarm i saw a option to enable arp protection.

    What is arp prtection?

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    Why on earth did someone neg him? That's wrong, simply wrong. He question is completely valid.

    Enable ARP protection Blocks all incoming ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) requests except broadcast requests for the address of the target machine. Also blocks all incoming ARP replies except those in response to outgoing ARP requests.

    In softer terms, the internet is filled with a ton of *static*, so to speak. viruses, DNS servers, and other forums of computer activity generate a ton of "who is here?" questions that go across the internet. Your computer may get a ton of "who are you?" questions (ARP requests) within just a few minutes. This autoblocks them to save you a bit of bandwidth, while securing you against someone who would use the "who are you" question as an attack, sending 500000000000 at you at once to slow and eventually crash your machine.

    It is a "Good Thing" to enable

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    Priapistic Monk KorpDeath's Avatar
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    Dec 2001
    Unfortunately you still have the issue of using ZA.
    I know you didn't ask but the more you know, the better off you are.

    Mankind have a great aversion to intellectual labor; but even supposing knowledge to be easily attainable, more people would be content to be ignorant than would take even a little trouble to acquire it.
    - Samuel Johnson

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    Aug 2002
    My problem with ZoneAlarm is the "nagging." That, and it takes up a good amount of resources. I prefer BlackICE, as Norton Firewall was an absoute PAIN to configure.
    As to ARP, I believe if one is on a switched LAN as i am (5 machines, file sharing, behind router, linked by switch + 802.11.), you dont have much choice about ARP, unless, of course, if the machine specifies it's own IP address rather than having the router assign it would remove the necessity of ARP.
    Just a thought.
    Don\'t argue with a tech support technician with keyboard imprints in his forehead.

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    Why not ditch Zone Alarm Pro (because I know you didn't purchase it), ditch BlackICe (as who has the time to fine tune the same things over and over, much less worry about the past 25 buffer overflows for it) and move onto Kerio Firewall.

    - Stateful
    - built in IDS
    - Advanced fine tuned packet filtering
    - Program control
    - Network control
    - Log filtering monitoring
    - able to turn "nagging" off
    - 99% secure right out of the box (meaning no buffer exploits and configuration settings are top notch already, that 1% is making sure it's updated )
    - free

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    T3h Ch3F
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    Sep 2001

    Re: zone alarm

    Originally posted here by disturb
    When i went on zone alarm i saw a option to enable arp protection.

    What is arp prtection?

    I am in Pooh's corner on this one, the question was not a bad one, remember all, this is not a site for L337 ists. Negging the post in this case was bullshit. (Galdron Gives Greens for balance.

    -End Rant.

    In my humble opinion "trial periods", for ZA, and Black Ice....and many others. Are just that, trials of what I call paranoia proggies. to entice you to buy them. They prey on the laymen(layppl.) hehe.

    Every 4 seconds you receive an alarm, which in 99% of cases is Broad Scan traffic. Or just plain harmless connections, that all the bells and whistles, are there to "Warn" you about.

    I use Kerio, as Pooh does.

    Good luck
    Get some good religion from Bad Religion.

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    Mar 2003
    I like ZoneAlarm. It was the first firewall I ever used, and it never gave me any problems. I guess everyone has their own opinions, it just seems that those opinions are negative about ZoneAlarm from everyone but me . I guess I'm stupid.

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    Not stupid really, it's just your opinion and that's fine.

    I only have two things against Zone Alarm, as a matter of fact:

    1. It isn't free, and the free version DOES NOT allow configuration of rules. So, if you like zonealarm, you are obviously pirating it.

    2. It does not have the built in IDS that Kerio has. So to me it is a matter of choosing pancakes, or pancakes with butter.

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    Senior Member nihil's Avatar
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    Jul 2003
    United Kingdom: Bridlington
    Here I am really caught between two stools (musical that does authenticate my age )

    Up to now I have generally gone for ZA and Trend AV for my "non compus mensit" friends....just set the auto settings and they are pretty safe? well a lot safer than they would have been.

    In this respect, I will go with h3r3tic

    Pooh, on the other hand, is right for a more technical user, or if they have someone set it up for them (and will pay!!!) It all depends on the user and the environment?

    "ARP" is "Air Raid Protection"..... we had ARP Wardens in World War Two....they checked blackouts and that people had got to shelters during bombing raids.the United Kingdom was bombed of course.

    The question was a valid one in my humble opinion............sure, the guy should have "googled"..........and got responses regarding the above?

    Time to chill out folks?


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    Senior Member Zonewalker's Avatar
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    Jul 2002
    guess everyone has their own opinions, it just seems that those opinions are negative about ZoneAlarm from everyone but me
    I'll side with h3r3tic and nihil on this one too...I don't use ZA at the moment but I used to and my g/f still does..... I notice that a lot of peoples complaints (read less tech savvy folks - not including folks like Korp here) regarding ZA is it's verbosity of alerting - well duh... if it annoys you that much, turn it off.

    So, if you like zonealarm, you are obviously pirating it.
    And thats not always true Pooh - when I was using ZAPro I did pay for it and I always insist my g/f pays for it. I never could see the point of having a cracked copy of a firewall - unless I had personally cracked it myself (and I don't mean with a d/l key gen either) - you don't know what someone else might have 'fiddled' around with.

    I have to admit I do like Kerios stuff though - but equally I still reckon ZAPro has it's place (I know Korp won't agree with that but thats fair enough)

    Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes

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