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Thread: New IE Exploit

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    New IE Exploit

    Browser Address Bar Spoofing - a new tool in a Phisher's box of tricks.
    Microsoft released a patch a while back to plug a hole that expolited URL spoofing, well it looks like somebody found a way around it.

    Since Microsoft plugged the vulnerability in Internet Explorer browsers which allowed URL spoofing, fraudsters have found another method of spoofing that shows a genuine URL with a bogus web page.
    Full Story

    Watch out for a new Phishing trip.


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    Very nice!! I'm surprise nobody taught of that before!
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    Address bar spoofing is aimed at users with Internet Explorer browsers, which accounts for the vast majority of internet users around the world. Many sites report over 90% of visitors use Internet Explorer.
    Another good reason not to use IE as a browser. It wouldn't work well against some one using Mozilla, or Opera.
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    For those of you here at AO who have not tried it before, I have used Avant Browser for some time and highly recommend it. It is a completely free browser that supports tabbed browsing, blocking pop-ups, blocking ads, et cetera. It also has a handy group favorite option which allows you to save multiple pages as one group which can be used similarly to the favorites feature in IE.

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    Is Avant Browser a secure browser?

    Yes, Avant Browser is secure. Since it's based on Internet Explorer, Avant Browser is as secure as Internet Explorer. Avant Browser supports all SSL secured websites. Avant Browser's encryption length is the same as Internet Explorer's.
    Avant == IE

    Although, Avant is much easier when it comes to disabling, enabling stuff. Heres a screenie, attached.

    Although I can't live without chatzilla and mouse gestures, thats FireFox by Mozilla.
    Get both.

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    Well once again, Microsoft has shown the way..
    Just another reason why i don't trust Microsoft, and will never trust Microsoft or any of it's products for that matter.


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