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Thread: Kingston HyperX vs. Normal Kingston

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    Kingston HyperX vs. Normal Kingston

    Hi all, can someone explain to me what is the different between HyperX and Normal Knigston?
    I'm not quite sure about the diiferent between them, what i was thought, Kingston HyperX got Ram cooler and the price is not to expensive than the normal one. Is it the cooler made it different or how it works?

    I'm planning to new DDR400 for my pc, so I have to make some research.


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    Hyper X runs a lot cooler than standard RAM and is used a lot by Overclocking enthusiasts, however you pay a hell of a lot more for it. Its not the way it works as such but is has a kind of heatsink attached to it. check this out for a bit more detail. It doesnt say too much about it though. You could prob google for more info.

    Unless your into overclocking in a big way or have loads of money there is nothing wrong with just buying "normal" kingston memory.

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