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Thread: Shutting down your computer in UNIX.

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    Shutting down your computer in UNIX.

    Today I finally made the move to UNIX, I succesfully installed FreeBSD and I have gotten used to working around the system. Only one thing though, I can't figure out how to shut down my computer appropriately. I had used live Linux distros before, and messed around, but I never really had to shut down the computer "appropiately" before, because nothing would get messed up anyways. So basically I just want to find out how to shut down the right way, so I wont get any error messages when I use the computer next time. Any help is appreciated, and thanks in advance.

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    Hey Hey,

    On linux you'd do something like shutdown -t now and on unix do shutdown -h now. Just check out the shutdown command (man shutdown)... it's a great command.. let's you reboot as well.


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    I'm with HT on this one, look up man shutdown and read up.

    Also, if you are in a hurry and just want to shut the machine down, you can just type:

    newbie@FreeBSD:~> halt

    The halt command does exactly as it implies, it halts the system immediatly.

    Shutdown, Halt, you have a few options.

    Remember though, UPDATE YOUR SYSTEM.

    Get a firewall and install any updates, and also, I recommend joining a Free BSD mailing list or two. Then you won't HAVE to shut down

    Welcome to UNIX.

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