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Thread: Is using proxy servers really safe?

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    Is using proxy servers really safe?

    I was able to successfully use a proxy server.
    I tested my IP on and it didn't show. This thing looks like it's working !!
    I have a couple of questions though...

    The proxy server I'm using looks like it's free (found it in a free proxy list), what's in it for them? Why do they provide this service for free?

    Does the proxy service records my real IP ?

    Thnks in advance.

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    I dont know why they do it, maybe soembody pays them or maybe they have a expanede service for purchase.

    Does the proxy service records my real IP ?

    Yes, they have to know ur IP to "cover it up", but it can still be found by the police, FBI or other people with the proper knowledge or authority.

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    Yes anyone who is desperate and will go to heights can still find ur ip.
    Its a mystery to me as to why free proxies are given ,but mind ou they get used byalot of people and do not br surprised if ur connection turns slower

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    who compiles this free proxy list? if its skiddies scanning the internet looking for misconfigured proxies then the servers are providing this proxy service because they don’t know they are, and if your using it you're probably guilty of theft of services. public proxies are used by organizations concerned about their privacy on the internet. But due to the constant abuse by skiddies trying to hide their lame attacks and scans and using the service to download porn on school computers these services are no longer public. Now you must be a member and in most cases a paid member.

    if you've found a 'free' public proxy it's either a crippled intro version for a good pay service, someone compiling info on your surfing habits and profiling you while you think your safe from it, or some government dudes tracking down skiddies trying to perform lame attacks and scans and download porn onto their school's computer.
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    to my knowlege correct me if im wrong:

    the admin can probe yourcomputer and see the sites you go to

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    the admin can probe yourcomputer and see the sites you go to
    Actually, he doesn't need to probe your computer... The idea of a proxy is that you send an HTTP request to the proxy instead of directly to the web server... Then the proxy connects to the site, gets the page, and sends it back to you. It would be very easy for them to keep a log of the sites you visit since all the data is going through their computer.

    I'm not 100% on this... Tell me if I'm wrong.



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    Something you may want to take into consideration when you use just any old proxy listed somewhere. If you don't know who runs the proxy server, how do you know that the server isn't also running a sniffer, capturing all the username/passwords,sites you've visited and your cookies. You'd never know it, and all this juicy info would have fallen into dangerous hands.

    Protect yourself from this type of attack, by using a trusted proxy service. Because, if you don't, you'll never know who's listening on the other end.

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    Another way to help your self could be to use multiple proxies, or a program e.g stealther to change the proxy server for each website you visit
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    Hah!.................just when I thought my paranoid days were over

    There are some organisations that provide free anonymous proxies........they are in democratic countries, and provide a service to those who live under "less enlightened regimes"

    I think that they are bloody dangerous, as secret services don't mess around? if you connect to the service, that makes you guilty?

    My advice is move or be quiet?

    Just my £0.02

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    I can understand not wanting to be tracked by your IP. I can understand paranoia. But if you are not doing illegal things, and your firewall drops ping requests....
    *shrug* Never used a proxy in my life, intentionally.
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