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Thread: These people must be stopped

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    These people must be stopped

    The software giant's plans to integrate its search technology into everything from computer hard drives to instant messaging and digital music could revolutionize what it means to retrieve information.

    There's no way I could trust Microsoft to build an unbiased search engine.
    You'll only find what they want you to find. The OS will be designed
    to sabotage GOOGLE, and anyone who uses windows will be clueless.
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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    Yes I have same fears, the only thing we will be left with using non-microsoft products, I mean going for non-ms OSs etc.

    May be we will have to consider boy-cotting MS products, looks like they will deserve it in near future.

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    Ah but really what can you do. Microsoft is only once again trying to dominate the Monopoly..
    But they won't have a chance against the courts though, it will only take another company to take 'em to court for trying to control the Market.
    I doubt it that they will ever be able to implement this.
    Just another reason to use a non Microsoft product, that way they will run outta business and have to close shop.

    ``There's no magic here,'' but ``the stuff that the kind of people we have in this company -- hard-core software developers -- will be able to do very, very, very, very well.''
    End Quote.

    So there software developers are so hard-core, then what would explain why half there source codes are so S**T.


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