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Thread: info about smtp mail service provider

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    info about smtp mail service provider

    i need details about smtp mail service providers offering free me..

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    You need a free smtp e-mail service provider ?

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    heres a list of SMTP commands that to use when telneting to port 25 on remote systems:

    Helo or hello
    Ehlo request extended mode
    Mail From: specifiy the sender
    RCPT TO: specify the recipient example

    DATA body message
    RSET reset
    Quit obvious
    Help on all commands
    vrfy verify an address
    Expn expand address
    Verb verbose

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    Originally posted here by Computernerd22
    heres a list of SMTP commands that to use when telneting to port 25 on remote systems:


    And how is this relevant to the thread?

    spyblasters - Are you looking for an smtp server that you can connect your mail client to, to deliver mail. If this is the case you are likely to have a hard time finding one, since anyone that will do this would be targeted by spammers and use to deliver spam, and hence shut down/ secured quickly.

    What are you trying to acheive ?

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    Try use some software on your system (turns your machine into a SMTP Server) The best one i find is 602 Lan Suite (free for up to 10 users) or postcast server.

    Hope this helps
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