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    i have 3 computers set up and we are sharing our files. In the command prompt we typed in:

    net use k: \\computername\shared

    and were sharing our c drive but we don't have access to each others Program Files and other folders. HOw do we give each other permission to go into the folders.

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    Depending on the operating system, I think all you need to do is right click the folder you want, go to sharing, share folder, or sharing and security I think it is, and you're in buisness.

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    were sharing our c drive but we don't have access to each others Program Files and other folders
    If You can share an entire drive with the network all the files and folders on that drive become available to the other computers on your network, What OS are you running ?.

    If you want to share particalar Files or Folders Follow the Steps in the Link Below For the Specific OS

    Check Out This Article at Microsoft on File Sharing Hope this helps

    --Good Luck--

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    Directly open the computer from network neighbourhod after u enable sharing by changng properties of folders.
    Keep the folders password protected.(right clik properties-shaing)

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    In XP I also had to not only enable shareing of the folder, but I had to modify the permisions in the same file shareing tab there should be a button. I added my mothers account and then had to give it read and write permisions. This permisions option only becomes available in XP after turning off simple file shareing in folder options I think it was

    This was the only way I was able to let her have full access to her files.

    Maybe this can help you.

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