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Thread: New Worms Threaten Windows Email Users

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    New Worms Threaten Windows Email Users

    Bagel.U, MYWIFE.A and SNAPPER are the latest entries in the growing virus/worm inventory that are making the rounds.
    Bagel.U is the worst of the lot.
    The most dangerous of the three, Bagel.U, was detected by security firm Panda Software, Glendale, Calif. Bagel.U attacks from within an e-mail message that has no subject and no body copy. The worm bears an attachment with a file name that varies, but it always has an "EXE" extension, Panda Software said in a statement.

    If installed in an affected computer, Bagel.U can be recognized because it opens the Windows game Hearts, which is bundled with most Windows PC operating systems, according to Panda.
    The other two are still very mild.
    MYWIFE.A and SNAPPER are both rated as a "low" threat by McAfee. MYWIFE.A is somewhat identical to the "MyLife" virus and spreads via e-mail attachments. SNAPPER spreads by e-mailing what appears to be blank messages but are really intended to exploit a weakness in Microsoft operating systems. Its purpose is "downloading other remote scripts that drop and run the worm on the victim's machine," McAfee Avert team said in a statement.
    Source (Hey HT, did I spell it right this time.... )
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    Thanks for that info. I didn't hear about this on until now.

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