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Thread: Which ISO CDs I need to install Debian..??

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    Which ISO CDs I need to install Debian..??

    Hello friends...
    I want to install Debian Linux, but I don't know which ISO disk I need. At download side there are 7 installation CDs and I can't download all the 7 CDs. Which CD or CDs I need to minimal GUI installation of Debian.... And I am little bit confuse about Non-US and US downloading of CDs............Thanks
    Hello Dear..

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    The Site FAQ is there for a purpose.

    Whats so confusing about If you are in US download the US verson if you are not in US download the Non-US Verson, dosen't require a einstein to figure that out.

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    Ummm... your an idiot. YOU read the faq & do everyone a favor by shuting your ga' damned ****ing mouth. And puting |The| in my name and being a troll was my damned idea first. Your just a cheap rippoff/whore.

    Our goverment in this "land of the free" now own algorithms which it uses and is now copyrighted or something. The whole thing is really boreing and to stupid to explain much further but I'd just go for the non-us versions.

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    Using non-US software simply means that you can download software that is forbidden (usually cryptography-related software) in the US - but if you live outside the US you can download the other stuff as well. Basically, the Debian team have a core selection of software that they have approved as being acceptable for inclusion in the distribution (check out the web site for the full lowdown) but they also allow you to download other software as well.

    If you have a fast enough network connection, just download the first CD, start the install off that (and get the kernel from it) and then when you reboot select FTP or HTTP as your installation method and pull the rest from a mirror. Alternatively, just buy the CDs from a cheap Linux outlet.
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