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Thread: Wireless router & IP trouble

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    Wireless router & IP trouble

    I have a wireless router where my desktop is connected to it and my laptop uses the wireless card. Everything had been working fine but somehow the settings all got restored to default. I have no idea how this happened unless I accidentally clicked on the default setting while in the router config. I went back and changed my settings back the way I had them but my desktop isn't getting an IP from the wireless router. It is obtaining the regular ethernet address that it had before the router. I have tried repairing the connection. Releasing the IP but still nothing. Any ideas on why my desktop isn't getting the wireless IP. Thanks.

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    are you sure you have selected: obtain an IP adress automaticly?
    And have the use of DHCP selected?
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    It is set to obtain IP automatically, where is the DNS setting?, it keeps giving me a IP address. I am supposed to have a 12.168.xx.xx IP. Whenever I try to repair the connection it gives me the error about failed operations: renewing IP, netBT something, if problem continues contact your ISP. My laptop works just fine when I plug it in to the ethernet cable. Also my desktop says the connection is 10 MBps when my laptop says 100 MBps. What is going on here?

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    I would try removing your network adapters from the device manager and reinstalling them and see if that fixes it.

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    Thanks for the help guys. I finally got it working. I found that somebody else had posted the same problem on another forum and somebody had posted a proggie that would take care of it. That fixed everything for me.

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