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Thread: Taskbar timeout??

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    Taskbar timeout??

    Hey guys im sorry if i posted this in the wrong forum, i really didnt know where to put it but here it goes. When i start up my computer and everything my computer starts up fine and works properly but like if i want to run task manager or like msconfig. When type in run and run msconfig the msconfig screen will come up for about 3 secs then automatically close, this is the same with the task manager. I dunno wats up with it or if i "killed" it lol, but i was wondering if you guys knew wat i did or wat is wrong with it. I would greatly appreciate the help, this thing has been makin me mad for about a week now i just cant figure it out so i decided to come to the genius' s a AO, well ty guys maybe you will have better luck with this than I have

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    I believe there are a few viruses that will do that.. did you update your AV definitions and scan ?

    edit : could be klez, have a look in

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    Have you Scanned you computer for Virus Lately there are various viruses/worms i know might cause this i think a varient of MS-Blast and W32.Spybot.Worm can cause that cause. I suggest you scan your computer with Housecall online Scan and see if it findes something


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    haha.. I win this time.. now don't you dare edit your post..

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    just a quickie !!!!
    sometimes as you 'open' some apps from the
    command line, they WILL open, but they are not on screen,
    there will / should be an icon in the start tray.
    D/click the icon to start the app.

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