ok this is the 4th time trying to write this(winblows has crashed that many times in the 3 DAYS IT HAS BEEN INSTALLED-GO FIGURE)
my hdd is starting to make loud clinking noises from once in a while to every hour on the hour
and i was backing up my cd's on xp home and now both my cdroms are not detected by xp home
i used the powermax utility to scan my bus and they are their and they were working this morning
i also have a multicard reader that is nolonger showing up(usb based)
basicaly the comp has lsot it mentaly and physicaly
xp's fault or motherboard?
if xp how do i fix
if motherboard-i have a replacement
i have recently been using linux non-stop but i need my games and the ability to convert/make mixes on linux so i installed windows and i am regretting it now